Global Configuration

Changes to these settings do not take effect until the main Apache configuration file is rebuilt.
Apache Configuration
SSL Cipher Suite [?]
SSL/TLS Protocols [?]
SSL Use Stapling [?]
Extended Status [?]
LogLevel [?]

System Default: warn
LogFormat (combined) [?]
LogFormat (common) [?]
Trace Enable [?]

System Default: Off
PCI Recommendation: Off
Server Signature [?]

System Default: Off
PCI Recommendation: Off
Server Tokens [?]

System Default: ProductOnly
PCI Recommendation: ProductOnly
File ETag [?]

System Default: None
PCI Recommendation: None
Directory “/” Options [?]

Start Servers [?]
Minimum Spare Servers [?]
Maximum Spare Servers [?]
Server Limit (Maximum: 20,000) [?]
Max Request Workers [?]
Max Connections Per Child [?]
Keep-Alive [?]
Keep-Alive Timeout [?]
Max Keep-Alive Requests [?]
Timeout [?]